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Outdoor Laser Tag is becoming increasingly popular in North America, Europe and Australia. Europeans have typically used the equipment to relive science fiction movies in a massive, live action role-playing style. Most of the players treat outdoor laser tag as a substitution for the pain, mess and cost of paintball. Laser tag solves some of the problems of paintball by allowing almost any age to play, reducing waste and avoiding laws barring paintball equipment.

For the very first time, Outdoor Laser Tag has finally arrived in Malaysia. Centre for Customer Care (CCC) Malaysia, in our continuous search for new and fresh people development programmes for our clients, is proud to introduce Corporate Soldiers ™.

Our Corporate Soldiers ™ programme is a team oriented combat simulation that is played in a variety of different locations such as forest, bush land, beaches, around buildings, warehouses or purpose built battlefields. 

Our Corporate Soldiers ™ Programme uses Outdoor Laser Tagging, through the many experiential metaphors, provokes learning related to teambuilding, leadership, business strategy, decision-making, planning and execution, delegation, communication, and motivation. It is an excellent choice for staff retreats, team bonding and family days or even for a kids birthday parties.                                                         

During teambuilding sessions, participants will realise that the best way to win the game is to work in small teams. The team has to decide on a strategy and each participant has to perform his or her part to complete the mission’s objectives. Every individual plays an important role in this game as this is a team event and team scores will be tracked. The winning team shall be rewarded as a team as well, reinforcing the culture of achievement of corporate objectives through teams.

With our state-of-the art and sophisticated replica laser taggers and equipment. Our laser taggers have an authentic look, weight, size, sound, and muzzle flash but no projectile, meaning there are no bullets or messy, painful pellets. The technology used is the same as our television remote controllers and it runs on batteries. It does not involve any projectile and is therefore 100% safe to use in indoor or outdoor settings.


You can choose between the adrenalin pumping realistic military sound or the sci-fi sound just like in Star Wars.  The number of "rounds" and "hits" are electronically monitored. At the end of each game, you will be able to track who shot you how many times. The speakers on each laser tagger makes a loud "ouch" sound when you are hit(being detected by the sensors on your head and laser tagger). If your tagger is set for 5 ‘hits”, then you will have 4 “hits” or “lives” remaining.  This is fantastic as compared to paintball where you are “killed” the moment you get hit once and you have to leave the game.

Our laser taggers can even warn you with a loud "warning" when there is a near-miss. Eventually, when your "lives" run out, you will hear this desperate call for help from your team mates that goes, "medic medic, man down, man down!”,  which means you are "almost dead". If a team member is carrying a Medic Box, then he/she needs to get to you within 2 minutes to revive you or else you are “dead”.

There will be another team member carrying an Ammo Box and this is where you get reloads for your laser taggers, whenever your “bullets” run out.  FUN SO FAR?

Our missions challenge gamers to capture a flag, rescue hostages, protect VIPs, and other dramatic scenarios.  We are completely mobile and thus we are able to setup wherever our client is having their corporate training programme, conference or entertainment event. We bring our Corporate Soldiers ™ programme right to your door step.

Our Corporate Soldiers ™ programme is very ideal for:-

•   Corporate teambuilding with emphasis on learning

•   Strategic Brainstorming sessions   

•   Management conference

•   Annual incentive trips

•   Birthday parties

Our Corporate Soldiers ™ programme can be expanded to include other programmes such as our Drum Circle Playshop (www.drumcircleplayshop.com) or learning modules in customer service, emotional intelligence (EQ), leadership, motivation, communication, grooming and etc. Our expert training consultants are able to customise just the right programme that fits your training objectives and budget. Please learn more about the many training programmes that we conduct at www.centreforcustomercare.com

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