Laser Tag vs Paintball

No pain, no bruises and no mess
Painful, messy and greater risk of injury.
Laser tag can be enjoyed by a wider market than paintball, because there is no physical contact or pain.
Anyone from 6-67 will be interested in playing. Ladies will enjoy too.
Paintball and Airsoft have a very loyal following that is mainly Males between the age of 15-30.
Guns'  range outstrips paintball markers or airsoft guns. Guns have an integrated red dot scope.
Short range firing. Thus combat area need to be smaller.
Playing field can be stretch from the beach to the forest. No protective netting required.
Playing field usually small as area needs to be surrounded with protective netting.
No protective gear required and thus more comfortable.
Protective gear like masks and body protectors mandatory.
No pellets to purchase. Guns can be reload as and when required.
More expensive as pellets are used and need to pay extra when pellets run out.
Medic Box to extend “life” of gamer. Also can be used as part of the warfare strategy.
No such thing as Medic Box.
Ammo Box for gun reload. Also can be used as part of the warfare strategy.
No such thing as Ammo Box.

The Berjaya Vacation Club Team: WOW! These laser tag guns are so much better than paintball lah! No regrets! And pain, no messy paint and face masks. We fought from the beach right to the edge of the jungle....we actually lost a few inches at the tummy. Pure fun and adrenalin rush....but....we found out eventually during our indoor sessions with the Management GURU Dr. Allen Teh that business today is actually a fierce war and we need to work as a team to plan and strategise to beat the "enemy" and remain in business! We will never be the same again.  We are now a NEW and STRONGER out!



 Q: Do you use real lasers?

 A: Absolutely not. Our Laser Taggers uses harmless infrared light to emit its signal back and forth between taggers. We use the same infrared emitters used in 90 percent of all TV remote controls. So, our Laser Tag guns are completely safe and harmless, 1000 times safer than paintball which shoots paint pellets. Laser Taggers do not have have any projectiles, meaning no bullets of any kind.

 Q: What do I wear?

 A: We strongly encourage durable, long legged pants or clothing. Due to the nature of the sport, our players tend to slide, crawl, jump and hide in all types of terrain and conditions. Laser Tagging is played mostly outdoors for maximum experience and thrill. We ask that people wear tennis shoes or boots when playing to protect their feet from getting hurt or damaged. 

 Q: Can I play outdoors?

 A: Yes, the range of our Laser Taggers is incredible. The taggers can shoot 2,000 feet at night, although we never play at that range to ensure complete safety and fun. The quality and durability of the equipment allows battle in any type of outdoor event or environment. We love to play outdoors, but we can also play indoors and have just as much fun!

 Q: How does the equipment work?

 A: The equipment uses harmless infrared light to emit a coded signal (beam) that is picked up by three head sensors and goes through the onboard computer to register a hit on the laser taggers.

 Q: How do I "hit" someone?

 A: Every laser tagger has its own high-tech tactical scope. Most taggers have a 40mm red dot scope with a red dot in the middle for sighting. Our long-range taggers have powerful tactical telescopic scopes that make it really easy to hit people at distance.

 Q: How do I get eliminated from play?

 A: We have several different types of games played on the field. Unlike paintball, players can be hit multiple times and still play in the game. We call them hit points. Each time your tagger is hit, you lose a hit point. The hit points range from one to 99, so games can last as short or long as we choose. We want people to play and have fun. No one likes to be on the sideline sitting out.

 Q: How can I tell if I have been hit?

 A: The hit lights on the laser tagger blink several times, and the tagger screams "ouch" while displaying a hit on your tagger's LED/LCD.

 Q: What happens when I've lost all my hit points?

 A: The laser tagger then goes into deactivation mode (DEAC), in which the tagger's hit light stays on signifying the player is out of the game. Also, the unit screams "Medic, Medic! Man down, Man down!" This tells the team medic that you need to be reactivated or out of the game.

 Q: How many people can play?

 A: We have equipment for over 60 players. So, the size of your group is not an issue. The more players, the more intense the game. We recommend at least 10 players for an outing or game, but it really cranks up with 20 or more people. No matter how many players, the game is always fun!

 Q: How old do I have to be to play?

 A: We only allow players that are 9 years old and up due to safety reasons. Younger players can participate if accompanied by an adult on the battlefield.

Q: How heavy are the laser taggers?

A: Our laser taggers range from 4 pounds to 9 pounds depending on the unit. Most of our units have collapsible stocks to make sure the tagger has proper balance.

Q: Do the laser taggers make noise?

A: Yes. Each tagger has both SCI-FI noises and real modern day military sounds. Every time you shoot, reload, get hit or deactivate the tagger, it speaks to you. It's the ultimate rush

Q: How long does a typical game last?

A: The typical length of a game is 20-30 minutes followed by a 5-10 minute break. Since we use infra-red light instead of consumable ammo, we can get games started in seconds rather than minutes. This makes for a rapid and fun play style and environment.

Q: What is a typical type of mission?

A: The typical mission is objective based like you see in many of the action movies. For example, a scenario might play out like this: the other team has captured one of your players and you need to rescue him/her. You might need to battle to a specific point and recapture your player or eliminate the opposing team to win the scenario. Either way, every player is throwing a lot of light at the other team. It's the ultimate rush! Feel the adrenaline.

Q: Do you have different types of missions?

A: Yes, we have over 20 types of missions to play. They range from Capture the Flag, Rescue to VIP Escort to simple elimination runs.

Q: Where do we play Outdoor Laser Tagging?

A: As we are fully MOBILE, we go where our clients go. We can setup our battlefields at beaches, forests, abandon warehouses, football fields, etc. 

Q: Does Corporate Soldiers work with event planners and charities?

A: Yes, we love to partner with event planners. We give them an event that cannot be found anywhere else in the Malaysia and Asia Pacific. We are also very willing to help charities and non-profit organisations as long as they qualify for our non-profit programme.


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